Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly update

Today we had a meeting to talk about the our upcoming adventure. Just a few folks showed up, which is understandable. I read through the website and discovered a few things to pass on. The weight of the pack is 35lbs which includes the weight of the pack. I recommended carrying more weight then that for training to be prepared and strong for the event. I am at 37 pounds and I carry it everywhere. I call it the asshole. We all have one and you can't go anywhere without it-so it is appropriately named. Truth be known-I have given thought to its name--I know, how silly is that. I put together a quick list of information that I found. I will post it on here maybe on Monday. It is on my computer at work. I need to get a 100% of who is doing this. I don't want to clog up people's mailboxes if they aren't doing it. For the guys I talked to today-they are excited and seeing thier enthusiam makes me excited for the event. I am pretty excited. I am doing at least a 5 or 6 mile hike tomorrow.

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