Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Intervals with a pack??? has been a few days since I wrote, so a recap on what has been going on.

Last week was miserable weather, hurricane Zena, tornado alley, snow storms, flooding, rain-it was unreal. Coupled with the return of my guys from Afghanistan-came in at 230 am two nights in a row. It kind of put things on hold with the pack. But... that didn't stop the plans to do a 10K on Sunday.

Note-people think I am crazy. Then when I have Kevin with me, they think-over achievers, show offs. We lined up in the back of the crowd with the stroller, packs on our backs. Kevin got a new pack for the civilian category they don't need to be all military. LUCKY!!! He has so many cool pockets and stuff. So a few people understood what we were training for, others just stared at us. We aren't circus freaks, I don't have a beard like the bearded lady-just ask us-hey what are you guys doing. But, we said-oh well, let's do this. Oh and we are also putting signs on our packs....

We were hauling ass. I mean speed walkers may not have kept up. But, the walkers that were with us in the start only did the 5K. We continued on the 10K and we were apparently the only walkers for the 10K. It was a 5K/10K walk/run....but, I guess hauling a 50 pound pack on your back wasn't a category. So, with that being said, for the first time ever- we won not only our age group, but, the race and the category-IF there was a category for walkers with pack and stroller. Realistically, with all of that excitement, we were in dead last place. They were tearing the finish line down. The water stations were closed. We were last and that wasn't fun. We deserved a little-hey, great job. Nobody noticed or appreciated our true achievement, but us. We averaged 16-18 min mile pace. We won't do the pack in an organized race again unless of course it is one with the carry a pack race-which presently I only know of one-the Bataan Death March.....

I ran 6 miles on Friday
I ran 5 miles on Monday
I worked on Saturday

Due to the storms our lunch time walk, about 2.4 miles has gotten a little muddy. As if it isn't enough of a challenge with the pack, we had 5 pounds of mud on our boots. Ryan and I went on Tuesday. He went to a hiking store and got some tips on the pack. We made some adjustment and it is a lot better. It is all about the weight distribution and where the weight is centralized for your body to carry it better. It is so much better now.

Tuesday night-I did my stairs and pack. I tried a new thing to try some strengthening exercises-I stood on one leg with the pack on. Ummmm, yeah. I looked like a flamingo standing on one leg in a hurricane. My leg was so wobbly. Am I really that weak? I think I can get stronger. I imagine it is funny to watch. Cecilia commented that my butt was jiggling. Thanks for the support....

Today I thought of a brand new challenge. Intervals of running and walking carrying the pack. Holy crap. It has a hard element and a free feeling element to it. My course I did is a 1 1/2 mile route, I did the first one with the pack, took the pack off and ran 1 1/2 miles. I repeated the set-so in total I did 6 miles-3 miles pack and 3 miles running. The goal of a runner is to feel light on their feet. I felt like I was floating when I took the pack off. It is an amazing feeling. My legs felt strong, my stride felt right. If the burning sensation in my feet of potential new blister area wasn't there-it was perfect. I feel like I have unlocked a secret in the pack intervals. Olympic marathoners should do this. Biggest Loser should do this.

Another thing I discovered. I have finally been able to test the audio book. Perfect. I spent 2 hours doing my workout and didn't even realized the time. I didn't feel the weight of the pack-it is the best distraction. I laughed out loud, I enjoyed the book so much I just wanted to keep moving and listen to it. Part I laughed at which I will share from Dean Koontz-Velocity, it is a thriller/suspense. This character in the book hated his neighbors so much he peed on their living room window while they ate dinner. The wife didn't appreciate it and made a gnome molded/painted after this character-he had two beers in his hands, he was exposed and was a drunk. The character didn't appreciate it and smashed it to pieces, she put another out there and told the neighbors if they wanted one she was selling them. There were some more incidents and the husband took the neighborly rivalry to a new level. He went up on his roof and decided to pee on the characters windows while he was eating dinner with his mother on her birthday. Well, he fell and hit his head on the gnome and died. His mother said, God works in mysterious was such a random way to start the story and full of humor. That part of the story line carried me almost a mile. Amazing invention the audio book.

Almost forgot, the asshole has a new name. It is Bessie. Cecilia named it. It slid across the backseat and ran into her like a cow. I was in a wheelchair for some time with one leg in a cast and the other ankle sprained, I named the wheelchair Bessie. Funny how in less then 2 1/2 years since the first Bessie and I am carrying one on my back.

Bessie is getting some maintenance tonight too. A plastic part rubbed my back raw tonight. Duct tape and washcloth should do the trick....

Happy Marching....13 mile group hike on Sunday....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Game Face and my Stairs

I know I have taken a whole new turn in my life on this journey of training when I feel that I need a game face to go up my stairs. Okay, so I went up them 840 times and back down them 840 times with my friend, the asshole, the pack of death

This is my "game face". It looks dumb because Cecilia kept making me laugh.

Did I mention I have on shorts and my new boots? Quite the stereotypical picture. Oh yeah, well my mom wears combat boots. Plus she can totaly kick your ass with a 45 pound pack on her back...or something like that.

This is my awesome Tuesday Marching outfit...

Happy marching.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Group March #1--Holy Climbing Batman

Today was a good test of, can we do this...can we finish the race alive and in the upright position....

This pic is of Ryan, Scott and Kevin.

First, some facts: the course is a trail, an out and back 8 mile course. There were 4 of us. Ryan, Scott, Kevin and I. Ryan had 48 lbs, Scott had 25 lbs, Kevin had 48 lbs, I had 45 lbs. The weather was a little chilly-perfect for what we were about to do. We had some snacks and plenty of water with us on board too. Which-add at least 5 pounds to each of us just for that.

This pic is of Scott, Ryan and I.

We started out all jovial-talking. Laughing. Talking about the weather, the march, people and whatnot. Then came the hill. The hill by any other standards would require climbing ropes I am sure of it. I was leading the way and the steepness of the hill and climbing up the rock steps was plain grueling. You keep stepping up, up, up, up. I tried alternating the leg I was leading with to even the burden out. Didn't help much. I was worried with each step that I was getting weaker and weaker that the 50 pounds on my back would pull me backwards and I would be the catalyst to take us all out on the hill-like a domino or snowball falling down a hill. Our trek was literally 4 miles uphill to the turn around and 4 miles downhill home to the car. Both-intensely demanding. As we were going up the hill, I was breathing like I had asthma. I mean it was tough. Sweat was pouring off of me. I couldn't drink the water quick enough-plus, quicker to lighten the load. We pulled over to the side several times for a breather, to bend forward and have the weight of the pack off of the shoulders. Even for a second-it makes a difference.

This pic is of Scott and Ryan taking a break.

At one point, I saw a big bunny rabbit and said to Kevin if he had seen it. He said I was hallucinating....I swear it was there. We saw a few other hikers-one guy was running-show off. Oh wait, he wasn't toting 50 lbs-wimp. Finally, we made it to the turn around point. I should note that Kevin brought the GPS to keep us on track. I was walking along listening to "My Humps"..."What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside yo trunk" I adapted it to my pack, whatcha gonna do with all that rice all that rice in your pack...then Kevin starts yelling out, Stop, Stop, Stop. Apparently, at that exact spot in the middle of yet another hill, it was time to turn around. Hurray.

Here is the pic of Kevin consulting the GPS...

Going down was just as hard. Fear of falling was high. Fear of turning an ankle was high. Scott was sort of running at times. How he ended up in front, the guy with the lighter pack. He led off like he was in the Olympics. Kevin and Ryan said they would throw rocks at him to slow him down. I said I would take a prickly pear cactus and smack him in the face. He slowed down.

This is a pic of the packs taking a break, Ryan's, Scott's, Mine and Kevin's.

I should note that Scott wasn't being a wimp or anything by having 25 lbs. My original training plan called to have that weight for this march, Kevin, Ryan and I are just crazy and thought going big would be the way to go. I am seriously considering dropping to 5 lbs-since I can barely lift my glass of wine while I type this.

A view from the hike.

Last night Kevin asked if I would adjust the weight distribution in his pack. He had originally various bottles of fluid, Gatorade, Pedialite, V-8 and some rice. So I fixed it with beans, rice and a few Gatorade bottles and evened it out. He came back from putting Matthew to bed and I said, I evened it out and it weighs 48 pounds. He didn't find that amusing. Guess he thought it would be lighter....

I am on top of the world...or a hill picture.

My daughter asked me if I would be putting any more weight in mine. The answer was not no, but, hell no. Mine is all rice and beans.

In Ryan's pack, he has a tow chain and some rice. Scott has free weights. Will had bird seed and free weights. Whatever works.

I digressed...the weight of the pack is intense and encompasses your brain all the time...

So, we were heading down the mountain/hill and the fear of falling was pretty intense. We passed a lot of day walkers with their little packs of camera, granola bars and water. With their walking sticks. One guy wasn't at the point where he needed his stick and nearly speared Scott.

Okay, this is soo distracting. We are watching a show with the top 100 Chowdown Countdown. Such awesome food, a cheese steak with nacho sauce. Chocolate fountain. Garbage plate. BBQ, sausages. OMG...the food. Pulled pork sandwiches. Sundaes. Pies. The Cherry Cricket in Colorado-burger joint with a choice of 23 toppings. Holy burger. They have a dart board you throw a dart at if you can't decide. Amazing idea. Frozen custard in Milwaukee. Warning-none of this is fat free. The 2400 calories burned today allow you at least a stop at one of these places.

Where was I. T.V. food network. I want a slice of pie now. So, we are going to Fuddruckers tomorrow for burgers. Focus....

A slice of Kevin's Birthday Pie.

We were coming down the hill and we were passed by a lot of folks coming up. They smelled nice, looked happy-if only they had a pack on their back-what did we look like to them? A couple of larger folks passed us, which I thought-good for them-they are out there doing something. Then it got me thinking. I have the weight they have on their body as fat, on my back. How hard it must be to lug that around all the time. Makes you think about the strain on the body of people overweight.

Our car was at the end of the road you see in the distance.

We got to the truck and Kevin said, we aren't quite at 8 miles, we need to walk .15 of a mile still. So, we walked that extra bit to this sign for the .15.

Back at the truck we compared injuries and soreness. I tried to do a high five, I could only get my hand half way up to like a mid-five. The rest of the day, I felt like I ran a half marathon or more. I am more drained then sore. My shoulders hurt, I have some pain in my knee and have soreness-like when you get the flu and you ache.

Question remains-can we make it the whole way, upright. Yes. Today's terrain was steeper and harder. The weight in the pack was heavier. We can make it...with a lot of aleve and Motrin!! Until the next update-marching along with my asshole....the pack of course.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy Stairs

Wow-who knew that 14 stairs--14 up, 14 down could try to kill me. Okay, they didn't reach out and attack me...but, I see them in a different light now.

Because life has demands and I need to get groceries--I had no time for a march when I got home-so, I had to make some modifications. I decided to do my stairs with the pack on, 5 sets of 10. That is walking up them 50 times and down them 50 times with 40 pounds in the pack. I limited it to 10 times, because at the 6th and 7th time going down, I had to really grab the hand rail becuase the stairs got fuzzy. Kevin told me, what if you fall down and get stuck on the floor like a turtle with the pack on my back and can't get up. Kevin-it almost happened.

Did I mention I had "help" in my stair climbing? Two kittens who thought-wow, this looks like fun. How about I just sit here in the middle of the stair and watch you, then chase you...I nearly died-more then once.

End result-I worked up a really good sweat, could spend time with my daughter and it hurt-so I must have gained something from it. I think I will add this in as a weekly work out and build up from here.

Something that crossed my mind today-would it be wrong to do the grocery shopping with the pack on? I mean you spend an hour in there getting stuff, looking at stuff, walking around? Is there a etiquite book on this?

Until the next the way, that is 1400 stairs...

Monday, January 11, 2010

The scale lies

So-I put another 10 pounds in the asshole today-that sounds gross...okay, another 10 pounds in the pack today. I swear it felt like it was 50 pounds in there. I thought I had 37 pounds in there prior to the addition. But, much to my major dismay-I stood on my scale and it said it was only 38 pounds. LIES...I swear. Kevin said I should go to the gym with those scales with the slider things. He thinks my scale is wrong-thanks babe for believing in me. I mean who measures the weight on the bags of rice too?

Nonetheless...I carried my friend, the asshole for my lunch time stroll. It was TOUGH. I mean major. I have high arches and I am most assured-for the first time in it's life, the middle of my foot felt what the ground feels like. I need arch support if I am going to make it. I am putting support in my boots tonight. I still need to buy the BOOTS for the event. Funny thing-people see me and my lunch time walking friend, Ryan-we call it taking a lap. It is just about 2 1/2 miles long loop around the bomb dump-the Munitions Storage Area. But, people at work see us out there everyday-I think they think-that looks easy-I want to do it. Ryan and I discussed those that signed up not realizing just how difficult of a task this is and how long they will last.... Or maybe they think-I want to be part of something amazing too. I have somehow managed to motivate 7 more people in taking this on. I am up to 35 people. It started with Kevin, me, Will, and a couple guys at work. I simply sent out an email looking for another team mate and then-whoa-look at what it has become. I have even motivated a couple walkers-without packs. People-this is big. I am so excited.

I didn't get to march tonight. I was really looking forward to listening to my new book too. Scheduling, commitments, requirements and the sun going down kept me from being able to. I will make up for it tomorrow. It was a pretty long and trying day and an exertion was just what I needed. Tomorrow awaits...and the scale at the gym.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am just trying to get there...

So, I was all set for a 6.7 mile march with 37 pounds in the pack. I stayed over at Kevin's so he helped route out a course, one we have ran a couple times. It is amazing to me how much more you take in walking then you do running or biking. I may take the camera with me next time. As I was preparing I made some quick notes, I am completely navigationally challenged, so notes are needed. Well, I took note of the "big" roads and not the little roads. I was bee-bopping along and I had to cut across from a dirt road to a paved road which I thought was the Big Road. Nope, so I just kept walking. Now if I was just an average person on a walk it wouldn't be obvious I was sort of not sure of my surroundings. I stand out, I am 5'10, not a discreet person. I have a giant pack on my back. Which is known as the A-Hole. It needs that name and has earned it in the most affectionate way. I get onto the Big Road eventually and think, I am on this too soon, I need to walk further up-I thought I had cheated and cut some distance off. So I just keep walking, walking, walking. Interestingly enough, for a time there-I didn't feel the weight, as I was concerned for the route. I just wanted to get there-to a point where I would recognize for sure. Then, out of the blue-up drives Kevin in his Police Truck-turns out-I was doing it right the whole time and I was less then a half mile from the Quick Mart-the halfway point. I took the pack off in front of the store to get my money out to get something to drink, a quick refuel. I was concerned, totally irrational, that someone would steal my a-hole, so I grabbed it to take in the store. Kevin thought it was funny-he needed to help a man with directions, so I went in and got-you guessed it, chocolate milk and some peach rings. Chatted with Kevin for a minute and back on my way of getting there. After a final 2 hours and 15 minutes-I got home. Interesting little note-I burned the same amount of calories walking 6.7 miles with a 37 pound pack as running a half marathon. So walking a half marathon with the a-hole, will equal a marathon and doing the marathon will be a marathon and a half-roughly 8000 calories. Not bad. This week I am adding another bag of rice, another 10 lbs. You get used to it after awhile. I am also going to download some books. The music I have makes me want to run, to walk faster. When I walk faster, I lose form and roll my ankles. I am going to test this theory out this week.

On another side note. I saw a train hit a semi truck today-trying to get to a lunch with my troops. There was a lot of damage and chaos, but the driver was ok and nobody else got hurt. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. It took me forever to get there to my troops meal.

Then I had to get to packet pick up for a bike race-got lost-duh and finally got there-just in time.

Then I needed to get home to get the kids to get them to Kathy's for the ride on Sunday-didn't think I would ever get there.

When I got home to Kevin's, I was there. I was ready to rest and realized, I had the most peace of the whole day-out there on the march. Knowing each step I was taking, was getting me closer to there, to where I can't wait to be-The Bataan Death March. Serving, marching, motivating and being There for all those folks who lost their lives.

The journey continues...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly update

Today we had a meeting to talk about the our upcoming adventure. Just a few folks showed up, which is understandable. I read through the website and discovered a few things to pass on. The weight of the pack is 35lbs which includes the weight of the pack. I recommended carrying more weight then that for training to be prepared and strong for the event. I am at 37 pounds and I carry it everywhere. I call it the asshole. We all have one and you can't go anywhere without it-so it is appropriately named. Truth be known-I have given thought to its name--I know, how silly is that. I put together a quick list of information that I found. I will post it on here maybe on Monday. It is on my computer at work. I need to get a 100% of who is doing this. I don't want to clog up people's mailboxes if they aren't doing it. For the guys I talked to today-they are excited and seeing thier enthusiam makes me excited for the event. I am pretty excited. I am doing at least a 5 or 6 mile hike tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Water Bottle-Water Bottle-where are you??? Day 2 training...

Wow-tonight was a lesson in-just forget about the damn thing.

Today was Day 2 of the Bataan Death March training adventure. Last night was Day 1 and I did a march with the pack that weighed 23 pounds. I had both my water bottles in there-after some time I took the purple one out and left the pink one in there. Well when I went to put the pack in the car today to do a march at lunch time-it was MIA. It isn't just any average bottle, it is one of my biking insulated pink water bottles. I drove the course this morning to see if I could see it and to no avail. So I said, well I have no choice (dumb thought by the way), I will have to retrace my steps tonight. No problem and I will tack on a couple extra pounds in the bag...

Here is where it all failed. Last night I wore my work boots and I got the start of a blister on the bottom of my foot-not a normal place. So I thought it would be okay and I would just wear my running shoes tonight instead. Second fail-I had to pee sort of after I started-thought it would go away. Third fail-I left about 15-20 minutes later then yesterday.

This is how it all went down. All was good to start off with-felt good. My knee wasn't bothering me, my ankles felt good-all was good. I had to pee a little, but, felt good. Kept on treking and the need to pee grew bigger, but, I needed to hold it. It came to the turn around point where I touch the stop sign and put on the warmer layer. But, prior to this-I am standing on the side of the road waiting to cross to the other side so I can touch the stop sign. I know it seems silly, but, touching the sign is a big deal. So, I am standing there and then I nearly pooped my pants and screamed like a little girl. It was a wayward dog. It seriously looked like a cross between a poodle and a great dane with red rimmed eyes. It scared me to death-because he sauntered up to me and I had nowhere to go. I did the only thing I could think of-squirt him with water, not really-I just shooed (spelling) him away. It really freaked me out. Then finally a break in traffic came and I could cross the road and touch the sign. Did I mention, I needed to pee?

I put on my long sleeve shirt since the sun was going down. I strapped on my reflective gear, got out the keys with the light on them and continued on my way-still looking for the dumb water bottle. It was at this point I was realizing the cause of my blisters wasn't just the boots it was the cant in the road, not the can't I don't want to do it anymore, the cant-the angle of the shoulder I think has some influence. But, I needed to keep on treking. Wow, I need to pee. Why is there so much traffic who will see me in the brush? I can hold it-keep going.

Ouch, ouch, ouch-I think the duct tape is failing. I need to pee. Holy Jesus, that car nearly hit me. Does he not see my light, the reflective gear? Where is the water bottle? At the light you can stop walking for a minute and for the love of God, stop thinking about pee. When will the light get here, is it getting farther away? Why did I walk this far out today. The water bottle was 10 bucks, it is replaceable. Have to pee. I wish I was on a trail than the side of this road. Pee. The sunset like an hour ago was pretty. pee. What is that heavenly smell? Someone is grilling. It smells like steak-it smells devine. It would make a vegetarian drool I am sure of it. I am never going to get home. I will pee my pants. I should call Kevin. No, don't. By the time he makes it here, you could be home. I could sit on the side of the road and go pee. No, don't give up-keep going. That smell is from that restaurant near the house-keep going.

Is that the flag I see-the road is right across from there-you are almost home. Check the mail and then you will be home.

Ahhh, home. I weighed myself and the pack first-really. I wanted to know my accomplishment before I peed. I carried 25 pounds 5.3 miles for the second day in a row. High five yourself girl and go pee. Added bonus-Cecilia did all of her homework-high five Cecilia too.

The foot has a pretty serious blister in the squishy pad part-never had one there before. Should be interesting. Hopefully it is better in the morning. I may skip a march tomorrow.

All this pain though, pales in comparison of what the survivors of Bataan went through-so this is worth each step. I get a lot of funny looks out there-I think I am going to make a sign-in training for Bataan Death March and put Look it up on my back.

One more exciting point about today-Kevin and I are stars. Our picture is on the Marana Newspaper from our Egg Nog Jog from New Years Day.

Life my friends, is good.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 1 of Bataan Training

Would like to hear about your stories too. Here is mine.

To start off, I don't officially have my boots yet, so I wore my day to day boots. I know, you are thinking after all that talk about boots. I am trying to find the right pair. I was wearing a good pair of socks.

I got dressed in some of my standard running gear and went to getting the pack ready. I bought rice and beans tonight-so I was ready to go. I had no idea how heavy the pack was on its own-so it needed a check on the weight. Turns out, it was 7 lbs. Interesting. So I put in a 10lb bag of rice, filled up two water bottles, a long sleeve shirt, a jacket, granola bars and said, ok, I am ready. Guess what-it amounted to 23 lbs. Adds up quick. But, initially, it seemed light. I nearly added more weight-but, I needed to be realistic. I have been runnng, but, not with a pack and not walking with a pack.

I set off on my way. Interesting note-people see me running and drive on-put a pair of combat boots on and a camoflauge pack and you get honks, waves. Makes you feel proud of why you are doing this in the first place. The excitement and adrenaline of the moment got me walking like a speed walker in the Olympics-not the best idea by the way. The route I chose is one I run often. It is a 5.3 mile course, uphill then at turn around point downhill. It was easy at first then got harder. You use different muscles when you walk, even more so with extra weight. My back was a little sore, not as bad as expected. My legs were feeling it. The more tired I got, the worse my form got and I rolled my right ankle twice. I have farely strong ankles, so I was fine-but, made me worry for those who don't have strong ankles. If this is you, recommend a thin brace. I drank all of one of the water bottles, didn't sweat as much as running, but, my legs were drained. It took me an hour and a half to complete. The sun was going down and I was treated to a gorgeous sunset-so that made me feel pretty lucky to be healthy enough to do this and strong enough for those who can't. I plan on doing this again tomorrow, a different course and leave a little earlier. I feel great for starting this.

Boots, Socks and Toes

Have you found your boots yet? Don't forget that you need to get boots at least a half size, almost a size bigger for the fact your feet are going to swell. They need to be comfortable enough that you could easily spend 7 hours or more in them in constant motion. You may think, well I will just use the boots I use everyday. Fail. The cushioning is wore down on these, the support is not substantial. Plus, they are not quite the right size for the fact of your feet swelling. You may also want to consider shoe inserts-the sports gel ones. In doing this, take them with you to try on boots-they take up some real estate in the boots, but, again-they are worth it. For those of you who have to wear steel toe boots for work, steel toe boots for the march may not be the best idea. Two reasons, heat-hot toes under metal roof. Second-weight, they weigh more. You are already carrying over 35 lbs, why add more to your feet?

Socks-have you thought, well I will just wear the same socks I wear everyday? This would be a bad idea. You need to get socks that are designed to wick away the sweat and not cause chaffing. I haven't check the clothing store yet, but, I did see them at Miller's just off of base the military outlet store. They have a brand called Thorlos, they are cushioned-like little pillows for your feet-but, they wick away the sweat too. A pair will set you back about 10 bucks, but, trust me-it is worth it.

But, just because you have awesome boots and socks won't mean you won't blister or get a hot spot-where a blister will start. I learned a valuable tip that I put in motion in the last marathon-duct tape. They come in all colors-I chose tie-dyed-why not. I put it on the places that are known to give me problems-no blisters. Trust me-just try it. For hopefully obvious reasons, don't put on an open blister-it will rip the skin off-trust me there too-ouch! Also, don't attempt to put on lotioned up feet-no sticky.

Accept this point right now-you are bound to lose a toe nail. What use are they? They grow back. I have lost several and it hasn't stunted my growth or caused me to get counseling.

These are some basic starting points for you to take into consideration.

More tips forthcoming...

The website

Where it all began-a click on the website and you were all hooked. I have gone to this website countless times, so why not have it here. It is located at the top of the page just under the heading.

This is your place

Team DM, not just Davis-Mothan, but, Marana Police Dept, spouses, friends...this is all for you. I will make posting here on race updates, useful information-anything that I think would be very valuable to you. It is your choice on whether or not you want to read it. Because work is busy, I thought it would be easier to do this in my off time. I would like you to be able to share your workout stories too. Share why you want to do this, what you hope to get out of it. It is a free forum for information sharing and story telling. I will post tips I have learned along the way with marathon training that will be helpful. I am very excited to get this all going and even more impressed by the number of you ready to take this adventure on.