Monday, January 4, 2010

Boots, Socks and Toes

Have you found your boots yet? Don't forget that you need to get boots at least a half size, almost a size bigger for the fact your feet are going to swell. They need to be comfortable enough that you could easily spend 7 hours or more in them in constant motion. You may think, well I will just use the boots I use everyday. Fail. The cushioning is wore down on these, the support is not substantial. Plus, they are not quite the right size for the fact of your feet swelling. You may also want to consider shoe inserts-the sports gel ones. In doing this, take them with you to try on boots-they take up some real estate in the boots, but, again-they are worth it. For those of you who have to wear steel toe boots for work, steel toe boots for the march may not be the best idea. Two reasons, heat-hot toes under metal roof. Second-weight, they weigh more. You are already carrying over 35 lbs, why add more to your feet?

Socks-have you thought, well I will just wear the same socks I wear everyday? This would be a bad idea. You need to get socks that are designed to wick away the sweat and not cause chaffing. I haven't check the clothing store yet, but, I did see them at Miller's just off of base the military outlet store. They have a brand called Thorlos, they are cushioned-like little pillows for your feet-but, they wick away the sweat too. A pair will set you back about 10 bucks, but, trust me-it is worth it.

But, just because you have awesome boots and socks won't mean you won't blister or get a hot spot-where a blister will start. I learned a valuable tip that I put in motion in the last marathon-duct tape. They come in all colors-I chose tie-dyed-why not. I put it on the places that are known to give me problems-no blisters. Trust me-just try it. For hopefully obvious reasons, don't put on an open blister-it will rip the skin off-trust me there too-ouch! Also, don't attempt to put on lotioned up feet-no sticky.

Accept this point right now-you are bound to lose a toe nail. What use are they? They grow back. I have lost several and it hasn't stunted my growth or caused me to get counseling.

These are some basic starting points for you to take into consideration.

More tips forthcoming...

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