Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Water Bottle-Water Bottle-where are you??? Day 2 training...

Wow-tonight was a lesson in-just forget about the damn thing.

Today was Day 2 of the Bataan Death March training adventure. Last night was Day 1 and I did a march with the pack that weighed 23 pounds. I had both my water bottles in there-after some time I took the purple one out and left the pink one in there. Well when I went to put the pack in the car today to do a march at lunch time-it was MIA. It isn't just any average bottle, it is one of my biking insulated pink water bottles. I drove the course this morning to see if I could see it and to no avail. So I said, well I have no choice (dumb thought by the way), I will have to retrace my steps tonight. No problem and I will tack on a couple extra pounds in the bag...

Here is where it all failed. Last night I wore my work boots and I got the start of a blister on the bottom of my foot-not a normal place. So I thought it would be okay and I would just wear my running shoes tonight instead. Second fail-I had to pee sort of after I started-thought it would go away. Third fail-I left about 15-20 minutes later then yesterday.

This is how it all went down. All was good to start off with-felt good. My knee wasn't bothering me, my ankles felt good-all was good. I had to pee a little, but, felt good. Kept on treking and the need to pee grew bigger, but, I needed to hold it. It came to the turn around point where I touch the stop sign and put on the warmer layer. But, prior to this-I am standing on the side of the road waiting to cross to the other side so I can touch the stop sign. I know it seems silly, but, touching the sign is a big deal. So, I am standing there and then I nearly pooped my pants and screamed like a little girl. It was a wayward dog. It seriously looked like a cross between a poodle and a great dane with red rimmed eyes. It scared me to death-because he sauntered up to me and I had nowhere to go. I did the only thing I could think of-squirt him with water, not really-I just shooed (spelling) him away. It really freaked me out. Then finally a break in traffic came and I could cross the road and touch the sign. Did I mention, I needed to pee?

I put on my long sleeve shirt since the sun was going down. I strapped on my reflective gear, got out the keys with the light on them and continued on my way-still looking for the dumb water bottle. It was at this point I was realizing the cause of my blisters wasn't just the boots it was the cant in the road, not the can't I don't want to do it anymore, the cant-the angle of the shoulder I think has some influence. But, I needed to keep on treking. Wow, I need to pee. Why is there so much traffic who will see me in the brush? I can hold it-keep going.

Ouch, ouch, ouch-I think the duct tape is failing. I need to pee. Holy Jesus, that car nearly hit me. Does he not see my light, the reflective gear? Where is the water bottle? At the light you can stop walking for a minute and for the love of God, stop thinking about pee. When will the light get here, is it getting farther away? Why did I walk this far out today. The water bottle was 10 bucks, it is replaceable. Have to pee. I wish I was on a trail than the side of this road. Pee. The sunset like an hour ago was pretty. pee. What is that heavenly smell? Someone is grilling. It smells like steak-it smells devine. It would make a vegetarian drool I am sure of it. I am never going to get home. I will pee my pants. I should call Kevin. No, don't. By the time he makes it here, you could be home. I could sit on the side of the road and go pee. No, don't give up-keep going. That smell is from that restaurant near the house-keep going.

Is that the flag I see-the road is right across from there-you are almost home. Check the mail and then you will be home.

Ahhh, home. I weighed myself and the pack first-really. I wanted to know my accomplishment before I peed. I carried 25 pounds 5.3 miles for the second day in a row. High five yourself girl and go pee. Added bonus-Cecilia did all of her homework-high five Cecilia too.

The foot has a pretty serious blister in the squishy pad part-never had one there before. Should be interesting. Hopefully it is better in the morning. I may skip a march tomorrow.

All this pain though, pales in comparison of what the survivors of Bataan went through-so this is worth each step. I get a lot of funny looks out there-I think I am going to make a sign-in training for Bataan Death March and put Look it up on my back.

One more exciting point about today-Kevin and I are stars. Our picture is on the Marana Newspaper from our Egg Nog Jog from New Years Day.

Life my friends, is good.


  1. Update--water bottle found in random pocket on the pack....silliness I tell you.

  2. I am SO happy that you are writing a blog! Your writing is so funny.

    I'm excited to read about your training for Bataan. Way to go!

    (And I'm glad you found your bottle.)