Monday, January 11, 2010

The scale lies

So-I put another 10 pounds in the asshole today-that sounds gross...okay, another 10 pounds in the pack today. I swear it felt like it was 50 pounds in there. I thought I had 37 pounds in there prior to the addition. But, much to my major dismay-I stood on my scale and it said it was only 38 pounds. LIES...I swear. Kevin said I should go to the gym with those scales with the slider things. He thinks my scale is wrong-thanks babe for believing in me. I mean who measures the weight on the bags of rice too?

Nonetheless...I carried my friend, the asshole for my lunch time stroll. It was TOUGH. I mean major. I have high arches and I am most assured-for the first time in it's life, the middle of my foot felt what the ground feels like. I need arch support if I am going to make it. I am putting support in my boots tonight. I still need to buy the BOOTS for the event. Funny thing-people see me and my lunch time walking friend, Ryan-we call it taking a lap. It is just about 2 1/2 miles long loop around the bomb dump-the Munitions Storage Area. But, people at work see us out there everyday-I think they think-that looks easy-I want to do it. Ryan and I discussed those that signed up not realizing just how difficult of a task this is and how long they will last.... Or maybe they think-I want to be part of something amazing too. I have somehow managed to motivate 7 more people in taking this on. I am up to 35 people. It started with Kevin, me, Will, and a couple guys at work. I simply sent out an email looking for another team mate and then-whoa-look at what it has become. I have even motivated a couple walkers-without packs. People-this is big. I am so excited.

I didn't get to march tonight. I was really looking forward to listening to my new book too. Scheduling, commitments, requirements and the sun going down kept me from being able to. I will make up for it tomorrow. It was a pretty long and trying day and an exertion was just what I needed. Tomorrow awaits...and the scale at the gym.

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