Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy Stairs

Wow-who knew that 14 stairs--14 up, 14 down could try to kill me. Okay, they didn't reach out and attack me...but, I see them in a different light now.

Because life has demands and I need to get groceries--I had no time for a march when I got home-so, I had to make some modifications. I decided to do my stairs with the pack on, 5 sets of 10. That is walking up them 50 times and down them 50 times with 40 pounds in the pack. I limited it to 10 times, because at the 6th and 7th time going down, I had to really grab the hand rail becuase the stairs got fuzzy. Kevin told me, what if you fall down and get stuck on the floor like a turtle with the pack on my back and can't get up. Kevin-it almost happened.

Did I mention I had "help" in my stair climbing? Two kittens who thought-wow, this looks like fun. How about I just sit here in the middle of the stair and watch you, then chase you...I nearly died-more then once.

End result-I worked up a really good sweat, could spend time with my daughter and it hurt-so I must have gained something from it. I think I will add this in as a weekly work out and build up from here.

Something that crossed my mind today-would it be wrong to do the grocery shopping with the pack on? I mean you spend an hour in there getting stuff, looking at stuff, walking around? Is there a etiquite book on this?

Until the next march...by the way, that is 1400 stairs...

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  1. I thought I was crazy to run around the block for 11 miles. I think you may have just beat my craziness.