Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am just trying to get there...

So, I was all set for a 6.7 mile march with 37 pounds in the pack. I stayed over at Kevin's so he helped route out a course, one we have ran a couple times. It is amazing to me how much more you take in walking then you do running or biking. I may take the camera with me next time. As I was preparing I made some quick notes, I am completely navigationally challenged, so notes are needed. Well, I took note of the "big" roads and not the little roads. I was bee-bopping along and I had to cut across from a dirt road to a paved road which I thought was the Big Road. Nope, so I just kept walking. Now if I was just an average person on a walk it wouldn't be obvious I was sort of not sure of my surroundings. I stand out, I am 5'10, not a discreet person. I have a giant pack on my back. Which is known as the A-Hole. It needs that name and has earned it in the most affectionate way. I get onto the Big Road eventually and think, I am on this too soon, I need to walk further up-I thought I had cheated and cut some distance off. So I just keep walking, walking, walking. Interestingly enough, for a time there-I didn't feel the weight, as I was concerned for the route. I just wanted to get there-to a point where I would recognize for sure. Then, out of the blue-up drives Kevin in his Police Truck-turns out-I was doing it right the whole time and I was less then a half mile from the Quick Mart-the halfway point. I took the pack off in front of the store to get my money out to get something to drink, a quick refuel. I was concerned, totally irrational, that someone would steal my a-hole, so I grabbed it to take in the store. Kevin thought it was funny-he needed to help a man with directions, so I went in and got-you guessed it, chocolate milk and some peach rings. Chatted with Kevin for a minute and back on my way of getting there. After a final 2 hours and 15 minutes-I got home. Interesting little note-I burned the same amount of calories walking 6.7 miles with a 37 pound pack as running a half marathon. So walking a half marathon with the a-hole, will equal a marathon and doing the marathon will be a marathon and a half-roughly 8000 calories. Not bad. This week I am adding another bag of rice, another 10 lbs. You get used to it after awhile. I am also going to download some books. The music I have makes me want to run, to walk faster. When I walk faster, I lose form and roll my ankles. I am going to test this theory out this week.

On another side note. I saw a train hit a semi truck today-trying to get to a lunch with my troops. There was a lot of damage and chaos, but the driver was ok and nobody else got hurt. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. It took me forever to get there to my troops meal.

Then I had to get to packet pick up for a bike race-got lost-duh and finally got there-just in time.

Then I needed to get home to get the kids to get them to Kathy's for the ride on Sunday-didn't think I would ever get there.

When I got home to Kevin's, I was there. I was ready to rest and realized, I had the most peace of the whole day-out there on the march. Knowing each step I was taking, was getting me closer to there, to where I can't wait to be-The Bataan Death March. Serving, marching, motivating and being There for all those folks who lost their lives.

The journey continues...

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